Super Geisha

⚡ Super Geisha is coming soon ⚡

A new era. A new dimension.

You will have one SUPER GEISHA for each GENESIS GEISHA in your wallet!


An NFT collection featuring unique Super Geisha pfp algorithmically generated using over 150 hand-drawn assets.

Our new collection is a celebration of the Geisha Gang. We want to offer a unique identity to each of the current members and expand this wonderful community. Being a Super Geisha is a vibe, a lifestyle… Is your membership card to gain access to upcoming benefits! Now more than ever, it is time to join the Geisha Gang and evolve into Super Geisha!

Who are the SUPER GEISHA Founders?

They are the founders of this new gang. 30 unique, non-generative Geishas, the rarest of the entire collection.

10 of them are reserved as a reward for the first to complete a clan from the Genesis collection. The other 20 will be raffled between the owners of Super Geisha and Genesis Geishas.

More info about the collection coming soon!